Packaging machines are heavy-duty equipment that’s used to package items and components. The specific type of machine will be based on the product being packaged. Packaging is one of the most indispensable steps in the manufacturing process, and Baopack knows that. By combining the needs of customers and extensive experience, Baopack designs and produces a variety of packaging machinery, providing a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of the industry. Our packaging machinery can increase production speeds while reducing costs and improving efficiency.


    3 Axis Delta Palletizing Robot 4 Axis Automatic Robotic Arm

    The palletizing robot can be widely used in the fields of packaging, material sorting, handling, and assembly.

    3/4 Side Bag Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine CB-VS36

    The servo vacuum film drawing system makes the machine high in quality, stable in work and long in life.

    Automatic Rotary Premade Pouch Liquid Packaging Machine

    This machine can be equipped with an adjustable bag width mechanism, which can change different bag types in seconds with one button.

    Doy Bag Filling & Packaging Machine CB-VM82

    The speed of the machine is 10-30 bags/minute, depending on the quality of the film and packaging products.

    Egg Roll Rotary Feeder Automatic Packaging Machine Line

    Rotating plate stacking machine settles material and realizes the material supply for the automatic feeding machine unit in a stable and continuous way.

    Fully Automatic Rotary Premade Bag Candy Doypack Packaging Machine

    In compliance with international safety and health regulations, each component should pass safety, RoHs, and physical and functional tests.

    High Speed Biscuit Horizontal Flow Wrapper

    The control system uses the touch screen display, good human-computer interface, and the control is simple, intuitive and convenient.

    High Speed VFFS Packaging Machine CB-VG42A

    The way of bag making: The machine can make Pillow type bags and gusset bags according to customer’s requirements.

    Horizontal Flow Wrap Packaging Machine

    The linear feeder conveyor belt has easily installation function and realizes the conveyor belt replacement without a tool.

    Horizontal Premade Pouch Packaging Machine CB-180

    All touch materials of this machine adopt 316 stainless steel, with good acid-resistance and corrosion-resistance performances.

    Premade Pouch Fill Seal Packaging Machine for Rice

    Equipped with automatic diagnosis and safety alarm system to maximize personal safety and reduce material loss.

    Premade Stand Up Pouch Spice Filling & Packaging Machine

    The manufacturing process of the machine is highly strict, and most of the components are provided by the manufacturer’s international top brand.

    Quadro Bag Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine CB-VT52A

    Electrical parts adopt world famous brand makes the machine work stable & low maintenance.

    Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine

    Suitable for vacuum packaging for all kinds of food, meat products, marine food, vegetable and fruits, pickles, snack food, etc.


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