Vertical filling machines are automated packaging machines for high-production facilities that handle the entirety of the packaging process, including bag opening, filling and sealing. Baopack vertical filling machine is a new type of packaging machine that can be used in food, beverage, medicine, chemical, and many other industries that meet considerable customers’ needs. Our vertical filling machine adopts advanced microcomputer system control technology and has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high precision, and fast speed.

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Packaging machines are heavy-duty equipment that’s used to package items and components. The specific type of machine will be based on the product being packaged. Packaging is one of the most indispensable steps in the manufacturing process, and Baopack knows that. By combining the needs of customers and extensive experience, Baopack designs and produces a variety of packaging machinery, providing a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of the industry. Our packaging machinery can increase production speeds while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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We also relatively allocated metal detector or weight checker, and optional choose for parts of customer of different type of printer and all with high quality and high accuracy, with aim to meet extended service required from customers and also provided completely matching service for these device allocated with other main equipment vertical packaging machine, measuring equipment, conveyors, and etc.

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