Weigh Filling Machine

Weigh filling machine is designed to accurately dispense and fill a wide range of products into bags or any other container that is used for packaging. Baopack weigh filling machines have a wide range of applications in industries and are mainly used for quantitative packaging of a large number of bulk materials to facilitate transportation, sales, and use. Our weigh filler adopts automatic microcomputer control system, fully ensuring high speed and accuracy of the packaging process. Weigh filling machines can improve packaging efficiency and productivity for customers in many industries.


    4 Heads Weigh Filling Machine CB-VD73D

    This weigh filling machine uses digital sensors to improve speed, precision and anti-interference.

    Weigh Filling Machine with 2 Heads Large Weigher CB-VP1050

    Apply advanced digital signal processing technology, and the weighing speed is fast and stable.


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