In the 21 years since its establishment, Foshan BAOPACK Auto Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. has worked with more than 105 well-known enterprises all over the world and accumulated an excellent reputation. Today, in order to meet the needs of BAOPACK international business development strategy, we are now looking for more long-term dealership partners to deliver better service for individual mattress machinery projects all over the world. We sincerely invite you to join our dealer system and explore the market full of opportunities and challenges for win-win cooperation!


Singapore, Malaysia, Indonisia, Philippines, South Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, Turkey, Taiwan


Australia, New Zealand

Middle East, Africa

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria

South America

Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Chile


UK, Germany, Belarus, Belgium, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Romania

North America

USA, Canada, Mexico

Dealer Support

Becoming an authorized BAOPACK dealer, you will get excellent support with high-quality and reliable products, reasonable profit margin, fully sales & marketing support, on-time delivery and professional service support, etc. BAOPACK is willing to develop a long-term win-win business cooperative relationship with our dealers.


As one of most important BAOPACK international market strategy, we have been focusing on developing more and more professional dealership partners to deliver better solutions and services to our loyal clients all over the world. We sincerely invite you to join Baopack dealership family if you are interested and meet most of those requirement as follows:

  • Having wills and wits to build up a long-term strategic business relationship with BAOPACK.
  • Independent legal entity with dealership qualification in the region.
  • Good experience and knowledge base from the packaging machine industry.
  • Great business philosophy and great passion to bring better experience and benefit to clients.
  • Excellent team and capability to deliver better solution and services by field projects.
  • Strong sales team or network to achieve reasonable business goals with our support.

Dealer Training

Dealership foundation is the most important part of BAOPACK global business. Therefore, BAOPACK offers valuable dealer training support starting with an onboarding program focusing on our latest products and real-world industry challenges. Besides, we also prepare an effective further training about BAOPACK Cloud Platform System to help you enter your market confidently and competitively. And BAOPACK regular ongoing dealer training plan will be scheduled according to your real-time needs and priority, which can easily be processed in a wide variety of flexible method, such as face-to-face meeting, remote guidance and online webinars, etc.

Sales Training

For the purpose of precise technical input from the needs of individual client’s projects, as well as a better understanding of BAOPACK products, pricing and order handling by your team, BAOPACK offers professional sales training as follows:

  1. Detailed Product Training
  2. Request Analysis Training
  3. ROI Analysis Training
  4. Quotation Proposal Training
  5. Pricing and Sales Agreement Training
  6. Order Management Training
Sales Training

Service Training

To delivery better consistent quality service to the clients on time, which leads a further long-term strategic business partnership among the clients, BAOPACK dealers and BAOPACK. We provide our dealers the following necessary technical trainings by products:

  1. Field Preparation Training
  2. Installation & Testing Training  
  3. Machine Operation Training
  4. Routine & Prevention Training
  5. Maintenance & Troubleshoot Training
Service Training