We also relatively allocated metal detector or weight checker, and optional choose for parts of customer of different type of printer and all with high quality and high accuracy, with aim to meet extended service required from customers and also provided completely matching service for these device allocated with other main equipment vertical packaging machine, measuring equipment, conveyors, and etc.


    Automatic Labeling Machine

    Conveying line speed, belt pressing speed and label output speed can be set and changed through the man-machine interface.

    Big Bucket Conveyor

    The conveyor is applicable for the vertical lifting of grain material in departments such as corn, food, fodder, chemical industry, etc. 

    Check Weigher

    Adopt advanced digital load cell to obtain high-speed and stable weighing.

    Combined Metal Detector with Check Weigher

    Compact design, with two rejecting arms for respectively detecting metallic impurities and weight of the product.

    Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

    The conveyor belt metal detector is used to detect metal foreign objects mixed in the production process of food, medicine, cosmetics, textiles, etc.

    Finished Product Conveyor

    Transport the finished products to the inspection equipments or the package platform.

    Full Auto Can Packaging Line

    The overall appearance material is mainly made of stainless steel 304, with a thickness of 1.5mm.

    Horizontal Belt Conveyor

    Simple in construction and easy to install and maintain, horizontal belt conveyors can be adapted to almost any application.

    Horizontal Motion Conveyor

    Simple structure, convenient installation, cleaning and maintenance, and wide application range. The conveying weight is superior to other conveyors, up to 27 tons per hour.

    Incline Conveyor

    Incline conveyors are essential for systems that require the transportation of products or materials to a higher elevation.

    Nitrogen Generator

    Nitrogenous preservation in the food industry. Nitrogen protection and filling of injection, infusion and oral liquid in pharmaceutical industry.

    Screw Air Compressor

    The series air compressor widely used in pneumatic lock, pneumatic tool, tire inflation, blowing process, spray paint, sand blasting and fluidie  element and incase oil and water, noisy is weak.

    Screw Conveyor

    The screw conveyor is a kind of machine that uses the motor to drive the screw to rotate and push the material to achieve the purpose of conveying.

    Throat Type Metal Detector

    Suitable for installation in the falling pipe, the bottom of multiple scales, vertical packaging machine inlet, and other free-falling environments, can be used to detect a variety of powder, bulk, and sheet items.

    Vacuum Conveyor

    Vacuum conveyors are suctioning machines that utilize air pressure in order to move materials through an enclosed pipeline and have a wide variety of applications throughout industry and manufacturing.

    Z-Type Bucket Conveyor

    Mainly used to transport the product from a low position to the required height and distance.


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