Flow Wrapper

Horizontal flow wrappers perform three tasks in one fluid, continuous motion: feeding and spacing of items, wrapping film around the items, and then sealing and discharging the finished product. Since the horizontal flow wrap machines can be configured for versatile applications, they have become the mainstay of countless packaging lines and are able to achieve more efficiency and better performance. Baopack horizontal flow wrap machines are built-to-last and designed to meet your unique packaging needs. Our flow wrappers start with quality and end with stability.


    3 Axis Delta Palletizing Robot 4 Axis Automatic Robotic Arm

    The palletizing robot can be widely used in the fields of packaging, material sorting, handling, and assembly.

    Egg Roll Rotary Feeder Automatic Packaging Machine Line

    Rotating plate stacking machine settles material and realizes the material supply for the automatic feeding machine unit in a stable and continuous way.

    High Speed Biscuit Horizontal Flow Wrapper

    The control system uses the touch screen display, good human-computer interface, and the control is simple, intuitive and convenient.

    Horizontal Flow Wrap Packaging Machine

    The linear feeder conveyor belt has easily installation function and realizes the conveyor belt replacement without a tool.


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