3 Axis Delta Palletizing Robot 4 Axis Automatic Robotic Arm


    3 Axis Delta Palletizing Robot 4 Axis Automatic Robotic Arm


    CB-2-80-F Robot Packaging Machine

    1. Power Supply: AC380V, 50Hz, 7-10kW.

    2. Compressed Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa.

    3. Working Speed: 2-6 boxes / min (depending on the actual packing form).

    4. Quantity of Gripping Head: 1 group.

    5. Air Consumption: 20-40 m³ / h.

    6. Working Table Height: Determined according to the height of the whole line.

    7. Packaging Form: Can be customized according to needs, such as 3 * 4, 3 * 5, 4 * 5, etc., the carton size is provided by the customer.

    8. Applicable Bottle Type: All kinds of cylindrical glass bottles, PET bottles, etc.

    9. The Operation Mode of the Grabbing Device: The robot’s two-axis servo drives translation and arc movement.

    10. Way of Entering and Leaving the Box: Single channel into the box.

    11. Features of the Machine:

    Specification Selection: It has product selection and replacement procedures, which can be equipped with replacement procedures for various specifications. When changing varieties, it takes less time for mechanical adjustment to meet the requirements for specification replacement.

    Grab Head Selection: A single group of grab heads can be quickly and independently disassembled, making it easy and quick to change varieties.

    Grabbing Device: The inflation and exhaust of the grabbing are controlled by PLC.

    Material Feeding and Conveying: Adopt motor frequency conversion control to ensure smooth bottle feeding.

    Conveying into the Box: Adopt motor frequency conversion control, set the box fixing mechanism.

    Safety Protection Device: The whole machine is equipped with plexiglass protective door and safety protection photoelectric, which meets the relevant safety protection requirements and ensures convenient, safe and reliable operation. The overall carbon steel frame is beautiful and durable.

    12. Main Electrical Configuration (Standard Configuration):

    Low-voltage electrical components (contactors, relays, circuit breakers, etc.) use Schneider products.

    Button: Siemens APT.

    Photoelectric Switch, Proximity Switch and Other Sensors: SODRON, P+F, SICK.

    Pneumatic Components: Air TAC.

    PLC uses Siemens 1200 series products.

    Touch Screen: Siemens.

    Servo Motor: Siemens / Riding.

    Conveying Motor (Single Choice): SEW, Ruzhan.

    Other electrical configurations are in accordance with the IEC529 standard, and the protection level is not lower than IP54.

    13. Environmental Conditions: Humidity ≤ 98%, temperature 0 ~ 40 ??

    14. Robot Body Parameters: (See the table below).






    Rated Power Kg




    Rated Load Kg




    Installation Method

    Floor type

    Floor type

    Floor type

    Weight Kg


    ≤ 600

    ≤ 600

    Footprint mm

    700 × 700

    700 × 700

    700 × 700

    Number of Axes




    Working Radius mm

    ≤ 1800

    ≤ 3150

    ≤ 3150

    Repeat Positioning Accuracy mm




    Axis Movement °


    A2: +40 / -90

    A2: +40 / -90

    A2: +40 / -90

    A3: +15 / -115

    A3: +15 / -115

    A3: +15 / -115

    Maximum Single Axis Speed °/s


    A2: 140

    A2: 135

    A2: 125

    A3: 140

    A3: 135

    A3: 125

    Main Electrical Configuration

    Low-voltage electrical components (contactors, relays, circuit breakers, etc.) use Schneider products

    PLC chooses Siemens D425 motion control system

    The motor adopts Siemens servo motor

    Safety relays choose SICK products

    Button switch (single choice): Siemens ATP, Schneider

    Photoelectric switch, proximity switch and other sensors use SODRON or P + F or SICK






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