Multihead Weigher

Multihead weighers are now standard equipment for weighing and packing applications in a wide variety of industries. Baopack multihead weigher packaging machine can automatically complete the whole production process of feeding, measuring, filling bag making, printing date and product output. Our multihead weigher packaging machine has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, fast efficiency, no broken materials, labor saving, low loss, and convenient operation and maintenance. Multihead weigher packaging machines are widely used in various industries and can greatly improve production efficiency.


    10 Heads Powder Weighing Filling Packaging Machine CB-VP42

    This machine is equipped with technologically advanced weighing and filling support.

    10 Heads Weighing Packaging Machine CB-VTG52

    Beautiful appearance, stable operation, fast speed and high precision.

    Weighing Packaging Machine with 10 Heads Weigher CB-VP62

    Each head has load cells so as to achieve precise filling operations.

    Weighing Packaging Machine with 14 Heads Weigher CB-VG52B

    This 14 heads weighing packaging machine is easy to operate and has various alarm systems to reduce waste.


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