Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS) Machine

Vertical form fill seal machine, also known as VFFS machine, is a kind of pouch making and filling machine with a vertical structure. As the name suggests, the vertical form fill seal machine starts by helping to form the bag from roll stock. Then, the bag is filled with product and sealed in preparation for shipment. The vertical form fill seal machines is very suitable for the packaging needs of various industries, providing a more convenient and effective way of automatic packaging, saving a lot of time and cost. Baopack vertical packaging machines are controlled by PLC with touch system, making them very simple to operate.


    3/4 Side Bag Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine CB-VS36

    The servo vacuum film drawing system makes the machine high in quality, stable in work and long in life.

    Doy Bag Filling & Packaging Machine CB-VM82

    The speed of the machine is 10-30 bags/minute, depending on the quality of the film and packaging products.

    High Speed VFFS Packaging Machine CB-VG42A

    The way of bag making: The machine can make Pillow type bags and gusset bags according to customer’s requirements.

    Quadro Bag Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine CB-VT52A

    Electrical parts adopt world famous brand makes the machine work stable & low maintenance.


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